2012 Honda - Elise Conversion

Conversion components are available as a complete Kit or individual pieces. The Sun Speed Honda conversion is designed, engineered and, produced by racers (Indy 500, Le Mans, Baja 1000, Sprint cars)  for racers. Also available street legal catalyst and OBD2.

Don't waste money on repairs to the worthless Rover engine. Don't buy Rover performance upgrades. Converting to Honda provides more power, broader power band, higher revs, durability and, easier less expensive service anywhere in the world. The Honda power train has many high quality, high performance possibilities. Suggested shop time to install is 40 hours. We welcome inquiries from professional technicians.  

Sun Speed Custom Engineered and Produced Components

  1. Conversion Kits  
  2. Honda to Elise motor mounts
  3. Shifter / gear change assembly sub-kit 
  4. Exhaust manifold / header 
  5. Axles & joints 
  6. Electrical interface wiring  
  7. Fuel supply
  8. Cooling system interface 
  9. Clutch line interface 
  10. Air intake / induction 
  11. Assembly Manual / Technical assistance
  12. Miscellaneous: plenum plug, exhaust manifold to muffler connection pipe,
  13. Honda Idler assembly to replace power steering pump

Optional Sun Speed, Honda, Elise, Hi-Performance Conversion Components