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Sun International Racing (SIR) Kit for installing the Honda B18C engine into the Lotus Elise.                                            

The kit is composed of the best quality components, fabricated assemblies to aircraft standards. The installation is not technically difficult.

There are 3 basic areas:

  1. Lotus Elise vehicle: body, chassis, suspension etc. without engine
  2. Honda / Acura engine, gear box, fuel injection, etc.
  3. Installation Kit: - all of the components needed to install the Honda B18C into the Elise. 

The electrical wiring is done with a modified Honda engine harness, proprietary electrical center containing all powertrain relays, circuit breakers, diodes and an interface harness with connectors already installed. The SIR wiring will connect directly to the Lotus chassis harness without any modifications. There are two versions for the wiring. 

Installation Kit, Version 5.0 (01/02) - Price $5,500 US dollars

We can also provide the following OEM pieces already modified: :

Recommended Options:

Complete installation is available at Sun International. Please inquire to