SIR Elise & Honda High Performance Options:

Light weight Sport Exhaust. 304 stainless steel, mandrel bends, 2.25" i.d. aircraft quality fabrication  - $1,200.00

Catalyst elimination pipe - Stainless steel, 2.25" i.d. - $ 200.00

Light weight battery and installation kit - $350.00

ITG air filter and cold air induction - $450.00

Second radiator fan. Higher output than the OEM Lotus fan. Radiator coverage combined w/ OEM fan is approximately 95%.  Fan $150.00. Installation - $300.00 Includes sealing the ducting around and leading to the radiator. Seems that most Elise owners drive their cars on the race track. The Lotus OEM cooling solution is marginal anyway for the original Rover K engine at less power output. 

Ceramic, thermal barrier coating on the exhaust manifold (headers) and the special connection pipe. In the Integra Type R the headers are in front close to the radiator, fans and air flow from the front of the vehicle. When the Honda engine is installed in the Elise the exhaust manifold is forward, next to the divider between the driver / passenger compartment. There isn't any air flow thru effect. Also, in the Elise application the alternator and coolant tubes are on the exhaust side of the engine. And, as with the Intergra Type R, the exhaust system runs under the engine and close to the oil pan and shifter kit assembly. In the Elise application this area is covered by a belly pan so it is somewhat blocked from ambient air and flow-by. Our thermal coating is exactly that. It is not the typical painted on appearance enhancement. It is composed of aluminum oxide and zirconium oxide