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"An automobile is new and original . . . only once"

The ultimate 1979 BMW M1 Procar. The ultimate driving machine. The only M1 Procar that has not been used in 40 years. Provided new to us, directly from BMW Motorsport, Munich for racing. It is still new. From time to time classic automobiles in our collection such as this BMW M1 Procar are available for sale. Please inquire at the email address above. Wie neuen BMW M1 Procar für Verkauf.  新しい BMW M 1 販売のため Procar.  売り出し中

This rare BMW M1 Procar has been kept in stunning original, un-restored, new as delivered condition for 40 years. We made only one day of delivery track testing at  Riverside International Raceway for a few laps. The racing rules and the venues changed before we made any racing preparations. Becoming the exciting and successful BMW M1 Procar F1 companion race series. But, for our California M1 Procar, no racing, no race preparations, modification or further driving. It is in the same condition as it was when we received it new from BMW Motorsport. From 1979 until now there's never been any driving other than our regular maintenance program: engine running, fluids changed and clandestine driving on the local back roads during the regular warm up service. Our Procar is the only one in the world in completely new, "original" condition.

This very rare vehicle has never been available or offered for sale. It is one of only 40 M1 Procar produced. And 1 of only 1 in the world that is as new, authentic, original, never raced, un-restored, As it was from BMW Motorsport in 1979. Always in private collection. An easy conversion to street legal Procar. 

We also have an inventory of "new old stock" (NOS) original spares from 1979 including some spares for the M1 Procar engine M88 and wheels. Please visit our photo album:  BMW M1 Procar Photos

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BMW M1 Procar to be headliners at 2019 Goodwood Member’s Meeting

BMW M1, News | December 5th, 2018 by

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The next Goodwood Member’s Meeting, held only for GRRC (Goodwood Road & Racing Club) members, will be in early April, 2019. While the entire event hasn’t been planned out yet, at least publically, we do now know that the BMW M1 Procar will be part of it.

For those that don’t know, the BMW M1 Procar was the race car that BMW had made and given its own racing series. After the M1 was developed its intended racing series was scrapped, leaving BMW no race for its new race car. So it came up with its own, the M1 Procar series. While it didn’t last very long, it did feature some great drivers, former F1 drivers, and one of the best race cars of all time, the BMW M1.

According to some of the drivers who raced in the BMW M1 Procar series, the M1’s 3.5 liter naturally-aspirated I6 made an incredible noise.

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“The Procar race was usually better than the Grand Prix itself. I loved racing those cars, it was the best thing ever, incredibly competitive and those straight-six engines made a wonderful noise.” said Hans Stuck of the Procar series which would always follow the F1 races on the same weekends.

At the GRRC Member’s Meeting, a few BMW M1 Procars will do some laps at the famous race track, filling the surrounding area with one of the greatest motorsport noises of all time. Though, Top Gear claims the noise from the M1 Procar to be the “most magnificent sounding vehicle on the planet”. That’s quite high praise, especially from Top Gear, where high-priced exotics and hypercars are tested daily.

BMW M1 Procar to star at Rétromobile 2019

BMW will display a host of iconic classics at that French event, with a fully restored Z1 and 320 touring car accompanying an original M1 Procar

Rétromobile is France’s premier classic car event. with prestigious models exhibited and many also for sale. It’s a magnet for legendary automobiles with models gathering in the nation’s capital of Paris, including BMW, who will be sharing a quartet of iconic classics there next month.

A motorsport icon due to attend Rétromobile 2019 is the BMW M1 Procar, designed and built to homologate a racing variant of the German supercar. The racers packed up to 850bhp and a one-make series served as the perfect support race to Formula 1, with several F1 drivers appearing thanks to its place on the F1 support bill. Two three-time world champions also scooped title honours in Procar, Niki Lauda famously winning the championship in 1979 and with Nelson Piquet doing so one year later.

Joining the M1 on BMW's stand is a 320 Group 5 racing car, designed to compete in the world of touring cars. Powered by a 300hp Formula 2 racing engine, this 3 Series did battle in the German Racing Series (DRM) during 1977. Eddie Cheever, Marc Surer and Manfred Winkelhock piloted this car under the banner of the BMW Junior Team.


On June 30, 2008, BMW announced plans to revive the Procar series in an exhibition event at the 2008 German Grand Prix at the Hockenheimring. The races involved ten original M1 Procars driven by several drivers who had participated in the original series as well as modern drivers. Each car included a passenger seat for a guest. The line-up included former competitors Christian Danner, Harald Grohs, Niki Lauda, Dieter Quester, and Marc Surer. Former BMW driver Prince Leopold of Bavaria, BMW Sauber test driver Christian Klien, and a current M1 Procar owner, Marco Wagner, also competed. The BMW M1 Art Car designed by Andy Warhol was involved, driven by series founder Jochen Neerpasch and with fellow Art Car artist Frank Stella as his passenger.

Lauda won the first race held on Saturday, July 19, while Neerpasch was able to win the race held on Sunday, July 20, the morning of the Grand Prix.