Ford Cosworth RS Technical Specifications

Model Year 1994 Ford Cosworth RS by Sun International

Technical - Engine: Cosworth YBT, 1993 cc, DOHC 16V, 4 cylinder in-line, Bore - 90.8 mm Stroke - 77.0 mm Compression ratio - 8.0:1 sequential fuel injection with electronic engine management system Garrett AiResearch T25 turbocharger and two-stage intercooler ignition distributorless with directly mounted coils Block - Cast iron Head - Aluminum Cooling - water Bearings - 5 main Valve gear - DOHC four valves per cylinder, toothed drive belt, maintenance free tappets, turbo overboost strategy up to 8 seconds. Max. power (DIN PS) 227 @ 5750 rpm Max. torque (DIN Nm) 299 @ 2500 rpm

Optional kit: Max. power BHP 280 @ 5476 rpm Max. Torque lb/ft 330 @ 4081 rpm

Technical - Mechanical features:
Brakes Electronically controlled ABS anti-lock system with two microprocessors; one hydraulic circuit for each front wheel, single circuit for rear wheels. Ventilated front and rear disks. Hydraulic high pressure assistance.
Fuel Tank - 65 liters / 17.23 gallons US
Steering - Power assisted variable ratio rack and pinion, 2.45 turns lock-to-lock.
Suspension - Front: MacPherson struts with coil springs and anti roll bar. Rear: Semi-trailing arms with coil springs and anti-roll bar Shock absorbers: gas-filled front and rear
Transmission: permanent 4-wheel drive, epicyclic center differential giving 34:66 front:rear torque split, viscous coupling-type limited slip differentials at center and rear.
Gearbox MT 75 5-speed manual 4x4 full time Internal ratios Top 0.83:1 4th 1.00:1 3rd 1.36:1 2nd 2.08:1 1st 3.61:1 Final drive ratio 3.62:1
Turning circle: curb to curb 10.0 m wall to wall 10.5 m

Technical - Fuel and Performance EPA city driving 21.4 mpg EPA Highway driving 29.7 mpg EPA Combined 25.14 mpg Max. speed 140 mph w/aero package; 144 mph less aero package 0 - 60 mph 5.7 seconds;
w/280 hp kit 0 - 60 mph 4.9 seconds (ref. Motor Trend)

Technical - Aerodynamics: Cd 0.38; front down force 45 Newtons; rear down force 190 Newtons; @108 mph

Standard Features: meets 1994 US EPA and California exhaust emission standards. Full time 4 wheel drive,  ABS, power steering. Please see Other Specifications.
Optional Features: A/C, power windows, radio, sun roof, leather interior, CD player, roof rack, child seat, delete aero package, driver and passenger air bags.

Warranties:  EPA/CARB and DOT only.

Model Year 1995 Ford Cosworth by Sun International
July 1994 there was a change in the build specifications for the Ford Escort RS Cosworth.
Specifically: Engine - Cosworth YBP; engine management - Ford eec-iv. These changes are incorporated into Model Year 1995. Please see Engine Specifications.

All other features remain unchanged. Except for different outside mirrors and fuel filler cap.