Technical / Service Notes

Winter 2011

"There's never an ultimate car. It's only what can be best for today and then we try to make it better."  Dr. Porsche. Porsche continued developing the 911 for more than 30 years. SunSpeed have the same long term dedication as Porsche for our Honda-Elise conversion.

The SunSpeed Honda-Elise installation is DIY for competent automotive technicians. It is strongly recommended that any one attempting the installation be familiar with both the Elise and the Honda sides. We recommend that you have both the Elise workshop manuals and the Honda workshop manual and the electrical ETM. The technical information for US version Honda can be obtained from Helm Inc.  We can also recommend experienced technicians for Installation.

For ANY technical issues requiring information please send detailed description to:  

Weight - Always The question. Here's some numbers measured @ Sun Speed: Weight


Engine Mounts

Engine Management:


On Board Diagnostics (OBD II):

  1. Recommended OBD II scan tool - OBD2 All In One  

  2. Check engine light / MIL - S1 version this light is wired to the display "BATT" LED.

  3. Trouble codes - can be read by bridging the OBD II connector and counting pulses on the Check Engine LED.


Oil cooler:

Oil-dry sump