In order for Ford to compete in the World Rally Championship Group A it was necessary to build at least 2,500 of these vehicles for sale and use on public roads. Ford developed the Escort RS Cosworth as a normal production vehicle even though there were ultimately to be only 7,145 vehicles produced.
The good news is that all of the spare parts are easily available, at Ford prices. All of the necessary technical information such as workshop manuals is available - in english.
The Ford Escort RS Cosworth is reasonably priced. Nevertheless, it's performance surpasses most of the well known high priced sports cars such as Ferrari, Porsche, NSX, etc.
The styling and look of the Cosworth sets it apart from typical vehicles. So few have been produced that you'll never see yourself coming and going in traffic as you would in a Porsche. At the same time, the Cosworth has the practicality of a 5 passenger hatch back, folding rear seats, plenty of interior room, (baby seats and roof racks optional), 29 miles per gallon on the highway and 4.9 seconds 0 - 60 mph.
For serious sports car drivers there are unlimited performance modifications and special pieces which can be added.
Please see the High Performance Options page.

The eec-iv engine management system for the YBP engine of the 1995 Ford Cosworth RS was especially difficult to modify for EPA and CARB exhaust emission requirements. The eec-iv computer is completely proprietary to Ford. The chips are not removable, the fuel, ignition and other maps are virtually inaccessible to unauthorized modifications of the sophistication needed for engine family certification. However, from that challenge we were forced to develop our own proprietary modifications to the computer which allowed us to program the engine management system for sufficiently low emissions. "Breaking the code" of the eec-iv computer has also lead to the development of a "user programmable" ecu for high performance solutions and "off road" use. Watch for more information soon.

We heard that Jason Priestly talked about his Ford Cosworth RS on the Jay Leno show.

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