Pawel Tokarz, the importer for Quaife Differentials in the US discussing the specially made differentials for mid-engine, RWD (rear wheel drive) light weight Honda-Elise.

 The Quaife differentials for the K-series are one of our best sellers as most guys use the K-series motors with no LSD option, although we have quite a bit of customers upgrade the OEM LSD as well.

 As the K-series is normally a FWD heavier vehicle the characteristics of this differential as well as the OEM unit behave quite differently on a RWD light Lotus. This is why we have designed a new K-series differential specifically for the RWD lightweight conversions. Originally designed for the Arial Atom, offered as a factory option, this same differential would be extremely beneficial for your setup.

 This differential was produced to slightly different specs for Ariel as it is a very light car with little weight over the front wheels, they are better suited to a diff that doesn't 'push' as hard. We do this by reducing the helix angle of the internal gears to 23dg rather than the standard 31dg. At a retail price of only $995.00 the Quaife differentials are a huge upgrade for these vehicles.

 I would like the opportunity to discuss this with you further. Please send email to:    Sun Speed

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