The Lotus Elise is Certified / Homologated for sale in every country of the world except the USA. The Elise has passed the rigorous safety standards of Europe and Japan. Which are, in some cases more difficult than the US regulations. However, Lotus has chosen not to Certify and import the Elise to the USA.

Remember the original AC Ace? Maybe not. A nice looking roadster w/ a typically antiquated, underpowered English truck engine inappropriate for the USA. Carroll Shelby replaced the Bristol engine with a US Ford V8. The result, everyone knows, the legendary - COBRA.

A legend that's been copied again and again even by Shelby, but never brought up to today's technical standards. 

That was then. For today, we've combined the world's best pure sports car with the world's best high performance hot rod engine. We've created the modern version of Shelby's original Cobra, light weight, minimalist, excellent handling w/ the high output, emission certified Honda VTEC Type R

Times have changed since the original Shelby Cobra 35 years ago. Back then drugs weren't available, you could speak your mind and have any car that you could afford. Today, drugs are everywhere, freedom of speech has been replaced with freedom of hearing and you can't have the car you want. 

35 years ago folks could speak their mind and America was an honest country. You could buy whatever car the world offered. Today, we let in the terrorists and drugs, but keep out the cars.