Technical Information and In-Service Bulletins

The following information is for owners of the SIR Honda-Elise vehicles. We have maintained the original Lotus and Honda components and hardware as much as possible. The first sources for technical information are the OEM workshop manuals for Lotus Elise and Honda powertrain. We have introduced a minimum of new, unique components for the installation of the Honda engine. All of the SIR new components are the best quality materials, fabrications and hardware. We are constantly evaluating our methods, materials and engineering with vehicles in use daily and on race tracks. We encourage our customers to report any problems, suggestions and possibly better ideas. And, we encourage our customers to review this web page regularly for the latest news and technical information that will maintain the state of the art technical aspects and long term enjoyment of your Honda-Elise on "the road less traveled." Owners are advised to contact SIR directly to request detailed information on the following Service Bulletins and to order new, upgraded or revised components. 

Summary by topic:


  1. December 2001 - The alternator mounting Kit has been revised. Revision is required for all Versions prior to Version 5.0. Owners should contact SIR directly to request the new components at no cost.


  1. December 2001 - The cooling system has been revised considerably for all Versions prior to Version 5.0.  Owners should contact SIR for detailed instructions and to request the required new components at no cost.
  2. March 2002 - SIR has developed several methods for additional cooling capacity especially for vehicles used at high output for sustained periods. Please contact SIR directly to request cooling up-grade Bulletin No. Cooling 3-02.


  1. December 2001 - Bleed procedure, all Versions. Request Bulletin No. Clutch 12-01-A
  2. December 2001 - Clutch pedal adjustment. Explanation of correct method. Request Bulleting No. Clutch 12-01-B


  1. December 2001 - Version 5.0 engine wiring harness and PCC control box. Beginning w/ Version 5.0, all vehicles are now standardized w/ specially designed PCC control box w/ all powertrain relays, circuit breakers, diodes, etc. and; Honda engine wiring harness and Lotus chassis wiring harness modifications that allow the entire system to be simply plug and run. Additional changes have been made to implement the On-Board- Diagnostics. Allowing compliance w/ various emission regulations and ability to simply plug in the standard Honda scan tool. The wiring modifications can be made by competent owner or technician. SIR will supply the instructions and components at cost. 

Fuel System

  1. December 2001 - New fuel line is available w/ or w/o Schrader valve for checking fuel pressure. 

Shifter Kit

  1. December 2001 - Up-graded hardware and installation method. Applies to all vehicles prior to Version 5.0. Recommended. 

Transaxle / gearbox

  1. December 2001 - Fluid recommendations.