Ferrari / Marelli Ignition Parts

Fall 2012                                                                      

Impossible to find - New Old Stock (NOS) original Marelli OEM Ferrari distributor parts. 

Ignition - Distributor Caps:

Ignition - Distributor Rotors:

Ignition - Misc. parts:

Ignition - points

Misc. Ignition parts

1 x 6 cylinder caps, used. And, misc. pieces. 

1 used 8 cylinder 2 coil cap

11 x point set assemblies 5 excellent condition

Price for everything:    $

Carburetor 512 Belinetta Boxer are impossible to pass the US EPA certification. We converted these cars to propane. We have one Propane Conversion kit. Custom made w/ air pump hardware for passing the complete Federal Test Procedure (FTP) exhaust emission test. With engineering drawings for producing more pieces.
We do have several air pump kits.
Price for one propane conversation kit w/ air pump hardware: $1,000.00