Elise Parts

Winter 2011

Recommended source for OEM Elise parts - Andy at Bell and Colvill, Surrey, England - LotusParts@bellandcolvillplc.co.uk

SunSpeed created the Honda conversion in 1997. Along the way we've accumulated some Lotus parts. Our Honda conversions and conversions   do not use some of the original Elise parts. E.g. Rover engines, gear boxes, engine wiring, engine computer, drive shafts, starters, alternators, etc.  Some parts will be at SunSpeed in Los Angeles. Other parts will be from around the world, where ever the Elise has been converted to Honda power.

Exhaust / muffler / silencer - S2 almost no miles take off from European version S2 - $300.00 + shipping

Catalytic converter - S2 only a few hundred miles - $100.00 + shipping