1982 Rondeau M 382-02

Golden Eagle Racing IMSA GTP

Photo Album - Rondeau M382

Jean Rondeau 



This is the Bill Koll Golden Eagle Racing team Rondeau M382-02 IMSA GTP car. Of 17 total production of Rondeau race cars, 8 379's, 7 382's and 2 482, our car is M382/02. No. 2 of seven model M382's produced. And, the only one with original Rondeau chassis plate. And the only Rondeau to come into the USA to run the 1982 season. 1982 best finish, 3rd in September at Sears Point driven by Skeeter Mckitterick. Full history at RacingSportsCars.com  photos archive IMSA 1982. Has about 8 hours of use following total restoration 5 years ago. Solid race car fitted with Chevrolet installed personally by Rondeau using a unique manufactured installation kit to replace the original lower hp DFV after Daytona. New suspension, excellent original Hewland VG-018 gear box, all maintenance up. Have original team file including 3 page Rondeau bill of sale. Possibly the only Rondeau having a factory ID tag and also stamped on the forward lower bulk head like this one. This car flicks like a two liter but more powerful acceleration and stops on a dime.

Our group has owned Rondeau M382 #2 for nearly 10 years. We are the 5th owner. The 1st  owner was Bill Koll / Golden Eagle Racing who paid $195,545.00 new without the Cosworth DFV engine. According to the receipts we have the DFVfs cost $18,700.00 which was a lease not purchase. The current Chevy engine was engineered by Rondeau. We still have most of the original Cosworth engine installation pieces. The original installed DFV was number 314 and engine # 290 was a spare.

The second owner was Rick Titus who was going to make a street legal super car out of it.

We have a lot of the original documentation and gstuffh including: invoices, receipts, timing sheets from Daytona 24 hour test, original Bill of Sale, many photos from the racing era, 20 original prints from 1982 racing promotion, etc. And, the windshield and body molds.

Itfs easily possible to go back to a Cosworth DFV engine. But, the Chevy engine has more power, durability and less expense. Over the years each owner has continued to develop the car and make improvements. We completed the restoration and began racing in 2004. Our car has had caring and careful owners since the beginning. And, much of the original provenance is still with the car.

Race History

January 30/31 Daytona 24hr. 34th; April 25 Riverside 6hr. 42nd; July 25 Sears Point, 3rd; August 22 Road America Pabst 500, 23rd (crashed running in 2nd place); September 5 Mid Ohio Lumberman's 6hr. 8th;  September 12 Road Atlanta Sprite 500, 8th;  September 26 Pocano, 4th. RacingSportsCars.com



Fuel System

Oil/Water System

Electrical System





Spares numerous spare parts and large inventory of original memorabilia from the early '80's.

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