GARAGE SALE Latest revision - November 1999

We are liquidating all of the R5 Turbo stuff that we can find around our shop. some items will be listed individually priced. Other things will be sold in lots. Of course the entire lot would be a good deal.

Seats - Turbo 2:
2 like new.                           $500.00 for 2
2 nice ones.                         $400.00 for 2
2 used.                                $200.00 for 2

Exhaust manifold:
8 used exhaust manifolds for stock engine (160 hp). Some with O2 sensor bung:     $150.00 each or $600.00 for all 8.

Tires and Wheels:
13 inch
2 x Pirelli P7 13" fronts, like new
2 x Dunlop SP Sport 13" fronts 50% used
2 x Dunlop SP SPort 13" front used
1 x Pirelli P7 front, like new
1 x Yokohama Radial 352, rear, like new
4 x Michelin, complete set race tires, grooved, new
4 x Gotti "TURBO CUP" wheels (with very used mounted racing slicks)
4 x Gotti "TURBO CUP" wheels, front - P7 25% used
                                                    rear - Yoko 352, 50% used

TRX original equipment from the series
4 x TRX wheels w/ Michelin TRX tires. Rear excellent, like new. Front 50% used
4 x TRX rear wheels w/ like new Michelin TRX tires
6 x TRX front wheels without tires
4 x TRX rear wheels without tires

15 inch
4 x Panasport wheels, complete set. These wheels need longer studs for mounting
4 x Yokohama A008 tires, complete set, front and rear, like new
4 x Pirelli P7 tires, complete set, 25% used

Turbo (1) wheel and tire. Needs repaint
Turbo 2. Like new

Front Hood: New Old Stock (NOS) original hood.  $1,200.00

Front Bumper: Original, new old stock (NOS).    $800.00

Intercooler - double, fabricated from 2 stock 165 intercooler cores
"TURBO" (1) door and window logo stickers. Complete set for red Turbo (1); Complete set for nacre Turbo 1.  $150.00ea.
roof trim, right side, new    $350.00
used transaxel, "close ratio"    $1,600.00
miscellaneous brake and suspension pieces