1974 Lola T360 HU14

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1974 Lola T360 Formula Atlantic race car

Chassis No.     HU14

Condition:        extensive restoration and rebuild of mechanics and engine.

Owner:              Dave Weldon 

Engine:            1974 Lotus 907 2-liter engine producing an estimated 280hp. Engine machine work completed by West Coast Cylinder Headsí owner; Richard Reyman, who has built many high performance 907ís at his               Southern California  shop   Main bearing web has been dowelled.  Aviaid three stage dry sump pump. Weber DCOE48 carbs.



Exhaust:  Tubular headers with Sermatel coating and removable muffler.

Gearbox:  The transaxle is a Hewland FT-200 completely rebuilt by John Collins, including new ring and pinion, bearings  etc.

Fire Suppression:  SPA Halon 1211

Clutch:  Tilton plate and flywheel, Fiat ring gear and Dodge starter

Suspension and frame:  All suspension and tubular components have been crack-checked (Bob Slade), electroless nickel plated, magnesium treated, bearings and seals replaced in front and rear uprights (John Collins).  All fasteners replaced with AN etc. mostly from Coast Fabrication Inc.  Extensive fabrication work performed by Steve Ferron at Specialty Fabrication.

Brake System:  Calipers rebuilt, masters replaced.  All hard (stainless) and flex lines replaced.

Electrical:  All new wiring harness made using the correct British wire and color codes.  MSD coil and electronic ignition with built-in electronic rev limiter.

Gauges:  Gauges serviced by Mo Ma Mfg.

Wheels:  Complete set of original Lola magnesium wheels and additional spares.

Steering:  Rack and pinion rebuilt with new ends installed.  Rack housing coated in Sermatel.

Windshield:  Aircraft Windshield Inc.  made from very durable Butyrate (UVEX) with dark tint.

Fuel Bladders:  Aircraft Rubber Mfg. Inc.


HU14 was originally supplied to Carl Haas / Lola November 26th, 1974.  First driver appears to be Allen Karlberg of Seattle, Washington.  The chassis was sold to Pat Murphie (and Greg Moore) also in the Washington area.  Pat Murphie and Greg Moore were involved with a Lotus/Jenson dealership and were very fond of producing high performance 907 engines.  They raced HU14 with the 907 throughout the northwest from around 1980 to 1984 with success in Formula Libre.  It has been mentioned that Pat set a track record in that class at the Portland International Speedway. The complete racer was sold to Michael Bledsoe in 1988, who also raced it in the northwest.  At some point it was sold back to England for some time and then sold back to the USA in Southern California.. Doug sold it to me in November of 1990.  I kept it in storage until moving to a house with a big garage in 1992, where upon I began the rebuilding process. The first time HU14 was back on the track after the rebuild was with VARA in 2001.  The last time on the track was in 2003.  After rebuilding the engine in 2004, the new front main seal became damaged and leaked a few drops of oil at the initial startup.  I put HU14 away planning to replace the seal at a later time.  It hasnít been worked on since then.

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