1983 Ferrari 400i

One prominent family owner since new. Used only for one summer in Europe. We took delivery from Jacques Swaters personally at Garage Francorchamps and dinner. The next day began our tour through Belgium, Germany (Schloss Krönberg), Switzerland (Bergenstock), Italy, Modena, Hotel Fini, including a private tour of the Ferrari Factory w/ Jacques Swaters and Sterling Moss, then on to Monte Carlo, Cote d'Azur, Paris and, return to Francorchamps. Air freight to Los Angeles. Importation and convertion to US EPA, DOT and California by Sun International Racing. California licensed and titled. Because of old family acquaintance with Enzo Ferrari dating from 1955 this car was a custom build by Ferrari factory. Available copy of correspondence letter and technical information from Enzo Ferrari concerning a special race car. 

Available copies: Certificato D'Origine (15/4/83 Ferrari); original Francorchamps invoice (27 Avril 1983 Facture No. 309); Belgium license (29/4/83); US EPA and DOT Certification and, various correspondence.

Mileage documented by service records: 1983 US EPA Test @ 4,257.1 km; 1988; 1990; 1998 (8,012 km); 1999 (8600 km); 2000 (8931); 2000 (8931 km); August 2000 (8974 km).

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Special Build by the Factory for an old friend of Enzo Ferrari:


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