Internet Page for Cosworth Owners
April 22, 198

Important Notice to Owners: Re: the RED Ignition Key. Please contact Sun International immediately for important information. In the meantime always keep the RED key is a safe place. Do not carry it in the car.

Repalcement oil filter: Beck Arnely p/n 041-8970

This Page is mostly for owners of the Cosworth cars to exchange information. Please send us your thoughts, suggestions, information, whatever on - Cosworth cars.

There are some interesting RS Cosworth owners in the USA Alaska, Boston, Aspen, Idaho, Washington, Oregon. Some rally drivers, Carl Merrill, US Pro Rally competitor; Danny Rukmana who now drives for Official Ford WRC; Jason Priestly, popular TV actor who is also a professional Ford racer; and more.

From Fanda in Aspen: Fanda doesn't get to drive his RS Cosworth much in the winter. He suggests that if you need a replacement battery try - Interstate MP-42L. He also has for sale a Collins Performance Engineering hp upgrade. eec-iv module and actuator. Contact him directly: Fanda, Aspen Colorado tel/fax 970 / 920-4741

Scott Nash, Washington State is the first to get serious on snow tires and ski racks for the coming winter. Ask him what he's found out. Tel. 360 / 428-4979 wk.
Scott has also had a track day at Portland and is going back again for the Audi Club track event on Nov. 1 & 2. Please see the calendar page, at this site.

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