Peugeot 205 Turbo 16 (Fall 2012)

Peugeot made 200 of these vehicles for road use to qualify for the Group B World Rally Championship (WRC) in the mid 1980's. We can provide solutions for U.S. importation.

We have original 205 Turbo 16 brochures, press kits, workshop manuals (in English), spare parts catalogs, etc. Prices subject to change without notice please inquire.

  1. Red folder, Information Presse - French, 3 black and white photos, technical description, technical drawings. $50.00
  2. Gray folder, 7 color prints, two sided with information and rally photos, Characteristiques Techniques. French only.
  3. copy of Technical Description Handbook, French and English
  4. copy of Owners Handbook, French and English
  5. copy of Spare Parts Documentation
  6. copy Pieces Competition
  7. Workshop Manual and Repair Times. French and English. Includes 3 large fold out of wiring harness and fuses
  8. Video cassette - promotional tape of session at Mas du Clos, various WRC rallies. Official Peugeot.
  9. We have many Official Peugeot 35 mm slides and color transparencies from the promotion and rallies. 

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